Soleus muscle strain: how to manage

A soleus muscle strain is a common but frequently unrecognised cause of calf pain in active individuals. Even though the soleus muscle covers a large area of the lower leg, soleus tears are often misdiagnosed as calf tightness or gastrocnemius tears. How can you tell if you've developed a soleus muscle tear, and what [...]

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Ischiofemoral impingement: an important cause of buttock pain

Buttock pain is complex. There are many causes of buttock pain, such as sciatica, sacroiliac joint arthritis, piriformis syndrome, and hamstring tendonitis. However, a less common cause of buttock pain is ischiofemoral impingement. We think that abnormal contact between the long bone of the leg (femur) and the pelvic bone leads to pinching and [...]

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Wrist pop and pain: what are the causes?

Wrist pain and popping or clicking are common complaints. Generally, wrist injuries with popping can be due to overuse from activity or sport or trauma from a fall. The anatomy of the wrist is complex and consists of many bones, joints, tendons, and sprains. So, many structures can be damaged. What are the possible [...]

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Chest and rib pain: common causes

Chest pain is always thought to be related to heart disease. Although a heart attack should always be excluded, a common cause of chest pain is chest wall and rib pain, such as costochondritis. So what are the causes of chest and rib pain, and how should we treat it? Diagnosis of chest and [...]

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Morel lavallee lesion: Do you need to it drained?

Morel Lavallee lesion is a common swelling resulting from trauma. Common sites include the outside hip and thigh. How do we manage a morel-lavallee lesion, and do you need it drained? What is a Morel Lavallee lesion?   Morel Lavallee lesion is swelling between the bottom part of the skin dermis and the [...]

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Myositis ossificans: how to treat

Myositis ossificans is an uncommon complication after a muscle tear or acute trauma. Generally, bone forms in the muscle after a muscle injury, causing pain and swelling. So what is myositis ossificans, how does it happen, and how do we treat it? What is myositis ossificans?  In this condition, bone forms in the muscle [...]

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Parsonage-turner syndrome (brachial neuritis): how to treat

Parsonage-turner syndrome, also called brachial neuritis or neuralgia, is a neurological disorder causing severe pain followed by lasting damage to the nerves and muscles. Generally, this condition affects the nerves that make up the brachial plexus in the shoulder. However, any nerve in the body is at risk. We think the immune system triggers [...]

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Diastasis recti in men and women: is surgery the only answer?

Diastasis recti is a condition describing the abnormal separation of the rectus muscles of the abdominal wall. It is common in women who have given birth. The separation often occurs in pregnancy when the tissue between the rectus muscle stretches, causing a bulge from the abdominal contents leading to abdominal coning. About a third [...]

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Crossfit injuries: what you should know

We can all pick the Crossfit participants from a mile away: a lean and fit group of like-minded fitness devotees who are enthusiastic and work hard. However, Crossfit injuries are considered higher than in other exercise programs. So, what are the common Crossfit injuries, and how do we prevent them? What is Crossfit?  Crossfit [...]

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