Knee pain is a common condition seen in our practice.

What are the causes of knee pain?

Some causes are apparent such as tearing of ligaments or cartilage because of trauma at work or sport.  However, one of the common causes of discomfort is anterior knee pain.  Often patients are told that their knee is normal on an MRI scan or isn’t severe enough to require surgery. It can be disheartening to hear that you have to give up sport or running because of this complaint. So, knee pain requires you to see a knee specialist.  

What treatments does a knee specialist recommend?

Most causes of anterior knee pain are due to biomechanical factors that require a comprehensive rehab program incorporating other disciplines, including physiotherapy, podiatry, and strength and conditioning. 

Sometimes, anterior knee pain may be due to kneecap arthritis or fat pad impingement. Generally, both of these conditions need specialised treatment. 

In addition, Dr. Masci is a specialist in managing a common knee complaint called patellar tendinopathy or jumper’s knee. Patellar tendinopathy occurs in younger individuals who participate in jumping or change of direction sports, including football, rugby, and athletics. Managing patellar tendinopathy or jumper’s knee is challenging. It requires a comprehensive rehab program such as heavy loading at the gym and extras to exercise, including shockwave therapy, GTN patches, or an ultrasound-guided injection. Dr. Masci has published a paper on stem cell and PRP injections in patellar tendinopathy. Often, an MSK ultrasound is helpful to confirm the diagnosis of patellar tendinopathy or jumper’s knee. 

Another common knee complaint is arthritis of the knee – most cases of knee arthritis do not need surgery and improve with exercise therapy combined with other treatments, including medication and/or injections. Dr. Masci has expertise in the non-surgical treatment of arthritis of the knee, such as PRP injections. This recent blog discusses evidence for PRP injections in knee osteoarthritis

Finally, common knee overuse injuries include IT syndrome and pes anserine bursitis. We manage both conditions with good physiotherapy. On occasion, we might consider a cortisone injection for IT band syndrome.

Specific knee conditions:

Dr Masci is a knee specialist and advises on non-surgical management of knee pain in central London.

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