Shoulder pain is common in individuals who use the arm frequently for sport or work.



Do you need the advice of a shoulder specialist?

Ultimately, a shoulder specialist can help quickly identify problems in a complex system of two joints.   Several ligaments and tendons attach each part of the shoulder joint to the spine through the scapula.  Indeed, the arrangement provides great mobility but not much stability.  Therefore, injuries, strains, and overuse are common.  As a result of these injuries, many patients are prone to developing shoulder pain. 

Consequently, there are several different types of pain.  Shoulder bursitis is pain that arises from the rotator cuff tendons.  Another source of pain is the acromioclavicular (or AC) joint.   Finally, any injury to cartilage from a shoulder dislocation can also cause pain.  Alternatively, pain may also originate from the neck.  Generally, a shoulder specialist can identify what causes the pain so that treatment can be directed to the source. 

How do we assess shoulder pain? 

Firstly, an assessment begins with a thorough questioning such as onset, location, and triggering and relieving factors of pain. Next, an examination of shoulder strength and range of motion gives further support to a diagnosis. Finally, ultrasound can see structures in the shoulder such as tendons and joints. Dr Masci has extensive experience in using MSK ultrasound. Generally, when ultrasound is used in the initial consultation, it can often replace the need more a more expensive MRI scan.

What out-patient shoulder specialist treatment options?

Patients with longstanding shoulder pain can benefit from an ultrasound-guided cortisone injection. Generally, injections reduce pain and improve rehabilitation.  Types of shoulder injections include shoulder bursitis injection, hydrodilatation for frozen shoulder, and shoulder calcification. Moreover, Dr Masci can perform these shoulder injections relatively quickly and easily.  In general, cortisone, hyaluronic acid, or PRP injections are available for the shoulder.

Importantly, treatment of most shoulder conditions – overuse or traumatic- almost always involves an exercise program. Furthermore, Dr Masci works with a fantastic group of rehab specialists who can get you back to sport quickly. Finally, surgery should only be considered for cases that fail injections and rehab. Recent evidence suggests that surgery is equal to rehab for rotator cuff pain and frozen shoulder.

Specific shoulder conditions:


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