Foot and Ankle pain are a common complaint for many active individuals.

Does your injury require a specialist ankle and foot doctor?

Just like the hand and wrist, the foot and ankle are structures that work together.  We tend to take their complex nature for granted since we use them so effortlessly each day.  However, the moment a muscle, tendon, or ligament is damaged, standing may not be possible.   Generally, running, careless walking, and team sports increase the potential for accidents and overuse.  As a result, investigating pain requires a specialist foot doctor.

Ankle sprains should be seen by a specialist foot doctor.

Among the most common conditions seen by a sports doctor is persistent pain from an ankle sprain.  In many cases, people with an ankle sprain go to hospital A+E or a minor injuries unit.  After a normal X-ray to rule out a large break, many are told that they have a simple ankle sprain.  In general, most ankle sprains are due to a torn ligament in the ankle, although some cases may involve more serious damage.   For example, the tendon or cartilage may be torn or ruptured.  In these cases, recovery time will be shorter if treatment is fast and appropriate.  Thus, it is important to diagnose these issues early.

Ankle pain may also be due to tendon damage and will need a foot doctor.

Tendon injuries are relatively frequent in the foot and ankle.  One type of tendon damage is a tear, such as an Achilles tendon tear.   Next, overuse injuries, such as ankle or peroneal tendonitis, are equally common.  Early diagnosis is important for any tendon issue.  For this reason, we perform an ultrasound scan at the initial consultation.  As a result, we can diagnose tendonitis early and get you started on the correct exercise programme.

Dr Masci specialises in tendonitis including Achilles tendinopathy, ankle tendonitis, and peroneal tendonitis.   Another specific area of interest is plantar fasciitis, or heel spur pain.  Dr Masci has written over 20 peer-reviewed papers on tendonitis including this study on Achilles tendonitis.  In addition to research, he speaks at international conferences, including the Arsenal Football conference, BASEM and Barcelona Football Conference.

Specific foot and ankle conditions:

Dr. Masci is a specialist sport doctor in London. 

He specialises in muscle, tendon and joint injuries.

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