Hip osteonecrosis: what is it and what do we do about it?

Hip osteonecrosis, also called avascular necrosis or AVN, occurs when the blood supply is interrupted to the head of the femur (the ball of the ball and socket joint). When the blood supply is cut, the bone receives fewer nutrients and oxygen leading to bone death. What causes hip osteonecrosis, and what can we [...]

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Hip pain from running: possible causes

Runners can suffer from hip pain. Hip pain from running can be due to muscles, tendons, joints, or bones. So, what are the common causes of hip pain when running, and how do we get to a diagnosis quickly? Common causes of hip pain after running  Hip muscle pull or strain  A pulled muscle [...]

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Groin pain in men: possible causes

Groin pain occurs where the lower abdominal wall and the pelvis meet the leg. Although muscle strain is the most common acute cause of groin pain in men, many other conditions can cause pain in this area. Generally, successful treatment will depend on getting the correct diagnosis. So, what are the possible causes of [...]

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Bone marrow oedema: is it serious and how should you manage it?

Bone marrow oedema is swelling or fluid build-up within the bone marrow. Often, oedema is detected by imaging such as MRI. So what is subchondral bone marrow oedema, and how should you manage it? What is subchondral bone marrow oedema? The bone marrow is the spongy part of the centre of bones. It is [...]

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Gluteal tendon tear: how do you manage?

Pain on the outside of the hip is due to swelling of the tendons in the buttock. Often, this condition is called greater trochanteric pain syndrome. Sometimes, swelling of the gluteus medius tendon leads to tearing - either a partial or full tear, also known as gluteal tendon tear. How common are gluteal tendon [...]

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Ischiofemoral impingement: an important cause of buttock pain

Buttock pain is complex. There are many causes of buttock pain, such as sciatica, sacroiliac joint arthritis, piriformis syndrome, and hamstring tendonitis. However, a less common cause of buttock pain is ischiofemoral impingement. We think that abnormal contact between the long bone of the leg (femur) and the pelvic bone leads to pinching and [...]

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Tensor fasciae latae pain: common cause of hip pain in runners

Hip pain is a common injury in active runners. Pain outside the hip is thought to be due to trochanteric bursitis or gluteus medius tendinopathy. However, an injury to the TFL or tensor fasciae latae is also reasonably common in runners. This condition is called TFL pain or proximal ITB syndrome. So what is [...]

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Snapping hip syndrome: what causes it and how do we treat it?

Snapping hip syndrome is a condition that causes a snap or pop sound in the hip area with everyday hip movements. Sometimes, the snap can be accompanied by pain. So what is snapping hip syndrome, how do we diagnose it, and how do we manage clicking hip syndrome? What is snapping hip syndrome?  Snapping [...]

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Hip apophysitis: a common cause of hip pain in sporty teens

Hip pain in sporty teens can be challenging. Active teens are at risk of hip pain due to many causes. The most common cause is hip apophysitis, a swelling of the growth plate (also known as a traction apophysis) at the tendons' attachment to the pelvic bones. So who gets hip apophysitis, and what [...]

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Burning pain in front of thigh: Is it Meralgia Paraesthetica?

Meralgia paraesthetica is a condition that causes burning pain in the outer and front parts of the thigh. It is caused by trapping the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve as it passes over the outer part of the pelvic bone. What is meralgia paraesthetica, and how do you treat it? Causes of burning pain in [...]

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