SEM doctors fill the care gap between general practitioners and surgeons. 

If you have any musculoskeletal concern, it makes sense to see us first.  Typically, your first consultation will include imaging if it is necessary.  Quick and accurate diagnosis of the problem will put you on the road to recovery sooner.  Additionally, keep in mind that 80% of MSK conditions do not require surgery.  In essence, the solution is right here.


Dr Lorenzo Masci is an expert in the use of diagnostic ultrasound.  In many cases, MSK care, services and treatments involve imaging.  Ultrasound imaging is an effective tool for viewing the entire area causing pain, including joints, ligaments and tendons.  In short, the technique uses sound waves to relay a detailed picture of the area in question.  One of the most important advantages of ultrasound is that it does not expose the patient to radiation. In addition, ultrasound images can detect blood flow abnormalities in a muscle or tendon.  These important details enable a doctor to gain a better understanding of the problem or reason for pain.

If an ultrasound scan is necessary, it can be performed during your first visit.  Our goal is to provide a One-Stop Solution for musculoskeletal disorders.  Some of the most common musculoskeletal disorders that are visible during an ultrasound include:

  • Muscle tears or injuries as a result of sport or activity
  • Tendon disease including Achilles, knee, pelvis, shoulder, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow and wrist
  • Ligament injuries, including ankle ligament sprains and knee ligament injuries
  • Joint swelling including knee, ankle and wrist swelling


Building on his diagnostic ultrasound skills, Dr. Masci also has extensive expertise in ultrasound-guided injections.  Injections are an important part of MSK treatment.  Depending on the condition, an injection may provide both pain relief and restoration of movement in a joint, ligament or tendon.  Also, injections enhance patient rehabilitation and recovery.  Using ultrasound during the procedure enables direct visualisation of the area to be injected.  A clear, live view of the structure during the injection allows precision placement of the material (or injectate).  In essence, ultrasound guidance dramatically improves the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

Dr. Masci performs a range of ultrasound-guided injections including cortisone and Hyaluronic acid (Durolane, Synvisc, Ostenil).  Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to treat tendonitis or arthritis are also available.  Finally, our One-Stop Injection Clinic streamlines three procedures into one consultation whenever possible.

More Information on Ultrasound Guided Injections


Shockwave therapy is a fairly new and innovative musculoskeletal treatment.  Overall, the procedure works by sending a mechanical sound wave to the affected tissue.  However, there are many theories and claims for both the micro and cellular science of how it works.  Clearly, soundwave stimulation of the affected tissue benefits the organism and also has an indirect effect on pain nerve fibres.

Several types of sports injuries respond well to shockwave therapy.  Treatment can provide pain relief for various sports injuries and musculoskeletal disorders including:

Normally, 3-5 sessions of shockwave therapy at weekly intervals are required.  Shockwave therapy is best combined with a structured rehab program to optimise outcomes.

Dr. Masci is a specialist sport doctor in London. 

He specialises in muscle, tendon and joint injuries.

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